Our Team at BGR

At Brainerd General Rental, we believe the team approach offers the best service in our industry. We have assembled a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable folks who really take pride in what they do. Learn about them below.

How long have you been in the rental industry business?
Mike P: 22 Years
Mike L: 25.5 Years
Austin: 7 years (+6 Summers)
Shaun: 23 Years
Steve: 22 Years
Preston: 32 Years
Mark: 5 Years
Joe: 9 Years
Chad: Over 1 Year
Robert: 4 Years
Brian: 10 Summers
Connie: Less than 1 Year
Tom: 9 Years

What are your main duties at General Rental?

Mike P: Service, Parts and Safety Manager
Mike L: Do it all fix it, small engines, modify equipment.
Austin: Service, Yard, Finance and Marketing
Shaun: Customer Service and Operations Manager
Steve: Owner/President/ECP-SM
Preston: Inside Sales and Counter Staff
Mark: Inside/Outside Sales and Counter
Joe: Solution solver and Service and delivery driver.
Chad: Yard Staff and Scissor Lift Mechanic
Robert: Delivery Driver and Counter help
Brian: Front Counter Staff
Connie: Bookkeeping, AR/AP, Front Counter
Tom: Yard loading, unloading, service and maintenance

One interesting Fact, Quote or Favorite Vacation Spot?

Mike P: “Less you claim to know, the less questions people ask.”
Mike L: Dream vacation spot is Pebble Beach Golf Course
Austin:  In Alaska, Salmon and Halibut Fishing
Shaun: “Most effective way to get it done is to get it done”
Steve: “The key to our success is having good people working here.”
Preston: Dominican Republic
Joe: Florida Keys
Chad: Trout fishing in Black Hills
Robert: Florida
Brian: Disney World
Connie: I am a certified scuba diver
Tom: Lake of the woods

Favorite Piece of Equipment?

Mike P: “The one that doesn’t break”
Mike L: Mud Mixer
Austin: RT-135 with Mulcher
Shaun: Yanmar 55 with Rotating Grapple
Steve: PT-60 with a Grapple
Preston: RT-135 with Mulcher
Mark: Yanmar 55 with Rotating Grapple
Joe: Track Stump Grinder
Chad: Yanmar 55 with Rotating Grapple
Robert: Rt-135 with Mulcher
Brian: 844 Telehandler
Connie: Yanmar 17 Mini Excavator
Tom: Stand on Leaf Blower


Mike P: Hunting and Fishing being Outdoors
Mike L: Golfing and Fishing
Austin: Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Traveling
Shaun: Attending my kids sporting events
Steve: Spending time with Family
Preston: Golfing and Fishing
Mark: Golfing and Curling
Joe: Boating and Riding Motorcycle
Chad: Woodworking
Robert: RC car racing with my kids
Brian: Flying Drones
Connie: Acrylic Painting, Softball and hiking
Tom: Motorcycle, camping and hiking