Our Team at BGR

At Brainerd General Rental, we believe the team approach offers the best service in our industry. We have assembled a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable folks who really take pride in what they do. Learn about them below.

What year did you start in the rental business?
Greta: 2007
Mike P: 2002
Mike L: 1998
Mike S: 2008
Shaun: 2001
Steve: 2002

What are your main duties at General Rental?

Greta: Bookkeeper/Mini-Storage Manager
Mike P: Small Engines/ Diesel engines repair; ASV Repair and Parts
Mike L: Mr. Fix It, if it’s broke I can fix it
Mike S: Customer Service “The Coming’s and the Going’s”
Shaun: Customer Service/Repair/Toro
Steve: Owner

Interesting Fact/Quote/Favorite Vacation Spot?

Greta: “No One can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Mike P: “Less you claim to know, the less questions people ask.”
Mike L: Vacation spot is Pebble Beach Golf Course
Mike S: I follow motor sports/car racing events
Shaun: I have nine siblings, with three last names, two are named Shaun/Sean.
Steve: “The key to our success is having good people working here.”

Favorite Piece of Equipment?

Greta: John Deere Tractor
Mike P: Mini Excavators
Mike L: 70# Jackhammer
Mike S: Toro Dingo
Shaun: RC 30 with a Harley Rake
Steve: PT-60 with a Grapple


Greta: Raising Sheep
Mike P: Hunting and Fishing
Mike L: Golfing
Mike S: Camping/Traveling
Shaun: Spending time with Family
Steve: Spending time with Family