Septic or Sewer Frost Protection Blankets

Did you freeze up last winter? A lot of your neighbors did – but not if they covered their septic system with the unique insulating blanket from Brainerd Rental!

Frost Sewer Septic BlanketCommon Uses

6′ x 25′ septic blankets for covering septic or sewer systems or allowing concrete to cure during cold weather. Many other uses as well!

Insulated tarps and concrete curing blankets are a must for any cold weather construction project. Using curing blankets will protect your concrete from the harmful elements and allow it to cure properly.

  • The sewer blanket is staked to the ground in the fall and easily rolls up in the spring for storage.
  • The sewer blanket can be used below grade, at grade, or on mound systems.
  • It is waterproof and allows for shedding of late fall rain.
  • It holds the yearly fall snow for added insulation.
  • This is the easy, clean and economical way to protect your customer’s septic systems against costly damage due to frozen septic systems.

Only $99.95 – Price subject to availability!